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Showtime Music in Mount Hope, West Virginia, is a leader in the music store industry when it comes to percussion instruments. We are proud to offer some of the finest pianos and keyboards in the industry.

Pianos & Keyboards

Yamaha™, the undisputed industry leader in this category, provides what is probably the finest and most complete selection of digital pianos, keyboards, and traditional pianos on the market. Recently, we have added the new Hybrid Piano line, which combines real grand piano actions with studio samples from the finest nine-foot concert grand pianos.

Since Yamaha™ now owns Bosendorfer™, a world-renowned Austrian piano manufacturer, many of the new Clavinova™ pianos now offer samples of the Bosendorfer™ sound in addition to the original Yamaha™ Concert Grand piano samples. Whether you're looking for the finest in digital pianos, a superb acoustic grand piano, a starter keyboard, or a professional stage piano or synthesizer, Yamaha™ has all of the bases covered. Visit us today for a demo!


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